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This is part of the whole long story. It’s one of the more interesting parts of the whole evening. We’ll call it ‘The Store.’ This is the story of me finding Firewalk, having the microsecond reintegration conversation, than owning two random women in a party store on Bourbon Street. This is going to deviate slightly from the normal posting format, since I have to describe several key actions that occured. Hopefully, it won’t be too confusing.

Background tidbits that will be detailed in another story. I met two women ‘The Madame and The Dragon Lady’ earlier at the 711 Club. Both women are very beautiful, and very well done up as their respective characters. Lots of leather, lots of cleavage, lots of seductive power. We had stopped in this particular store because Dragon Lady needed more film.

Two more women enter the store while I’m browsing. I noticed them almost immediately because of their costumes. One of them was dressed in leather, carried a whip in one hand and had a leash in the other. Attached to the leash was a submissive woman in leather and chain. Her hands we cuffed and she had a slave collar, which had the clasp for the leash. I chuckled at the situation as I looked them over. It was at this point that Firewalk came into the store. The following conversation took less than two seconds.

“How ya been”
‘Good, you?’
“Decent, been awhile, hasn’t it?”
“We going to have some fun with these two?”
‘I was thinking along those lines, yes’
“I’ll join you if you promise me that you’ll stop dating unplayful women.”
‘Is that why you left?’
“That and the fact that you were trying to kill me off.”
‘Sorry bout that, thought it might help me calm down.’
“It didn’t, it only made you worse. Let’s play.”
‘I missed you old friend. Let’s get em.’

At which point Firewalk reintigrated himself into my psyche and the fun began with the Master and her Pet.

Note that unless otherwise noted, this conversation is with the leash holder, not the Pet.
“Ladies, nice costumes. I love the pet.”
‘Thanks, she’s my bitch.’
“I gathered that”
‘I like the mask. Are those two yours?’
(refering to Dragon Lady and The Madame.)
“Yes, they’re mine.”
‘Which one is the bitch.’
“I’ll make YOU my bitch.”
‘Oh you think?’
“I know.”
‘She’s MY bitch.’
“I know.”
‘Don’t you see the leash, and the whip?’
“Don’t you see my belt?”
(thick leather strap with a belt loop is a much better description)
‘Oh… god.’
“I don’t have to carry a whip. I always have this with me. It comes in handy in situations like this.”
‘I see. Well, I have the whip.’
“Do you know how to use the whip?”
‘Of course I do.’
“Prove it.”
(At this point I turn around and stretch my arms out.)
“But when you’re done, I get to prove that I know how to use it.”
‘Wait, no! I like GIVING pain, not receiving. Why do you think I have this whip?’
(I turn and face her again, stepping closer.)
“May I see the whip?”
‘Well… um… it’s not really mine. I’d get in so much trouble if anything happened to it.’
“I see. So you’re not really what you say you are, and this is just a costume?”
She just whispers ‘Yes.’
The pet speaks at this point: ‘I’m what I appear to be. You can have me. I’ll be your bitch. Just control me like you are her and I’ll do whatever you want.’
(To the faker:) “I would have so much fun making you my bitch. You would come to love it, and everything I do.”
(From the pet:) ‘I already love what you’re doing.’
{From the faker:) ‘But…’
(To the pet:) “You’re much too willing. But you’ve got me curious.”
(To the faker:) “I will own you. You will be my bitch.”
{From the pet:) groan
(From the faker:) ‘…’

At this point Dragon Lady is done shopping and they’re ready to leave.

(From the pet:) ‘Take me with you.’
(From the faker:) ‘…’

(To the pet:) “Maybe I’ll find you later in the evening. I have to go take care of my ladies now. Enjoy your halloween.”
(I hug her, and kiss her gently on the cheek.)

(I wrap one arm around the faker’s waist, and the other arm up her back with my hand lightly holding her neck. I run my lips across her cheek, then whisper in her ear:) ‘You know you want to come with me. But I’ll leave you here to wonder about what might have been. Have a most enjoyable Halloween.”

At this point, she groans long and low, her whole body shakes, her knees give out for a moment. I catch her and hold her up til she can stand on her own again a few seconds later. I smile at her and let her go, turning and walking out the door to whimpers of ‘please, take me too.’ from the pet.

As I join the Dragon Lady and the Madame at the entrance to the store, the Madame says to me. ‘That was impressive. You really are good at this, aren’t you?’

With Firewalk back my dear… you have no idea.

Reposted: The Story, Concluded.

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We rejoin the story, already in progress with our anti-hero and his two Dark Angels leaving the 711 Club and heading out onto Bourbon St to see what evil can be done. You might think you know how this story ends, but I assure you that you don’t.

We hit the street and started walking towards Canal St, almost the full length of Bourbon St away. Within minutes we were in the thick of things, cameras out and recording, teasing the crowd on the street and up in the balcony. We walked slowly, window shopping the interesting stores, going into the Sex Stores. We never made it more than a couple yards before someone stopped us, asking us to ‘show us something’ in exchange for beads or beer. Sometimes it wasn’t even for that, they just wanted their picture taken standing between two stunning ladies of the night. I was pimp and bodyguard, stopping unwanted agressors and showing off my prizes.

We met the group of men dressed as Chippendales Dancers. They were all fairly nicely built and attractive, wearing the traditional black pants and bowties. This time we got to see them up close and personal. We hooked up with them for a few minutes of bartering. It was pretty standard ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.’ Some of them were to shy to expose themselves but we managed to talk a few of them into flashing. Dragon Lady responded appropriately and flashed the two guys that weren’t shy. Pictures in various combinations were taken and we moved on.

As we walked, I had one girl on each arm. Further down the road, a couple fratboy looking guys came up to us. The leader of the pack looked at me and said “No way man. No way are both of those your’s. You can’t have both of them, right?” I just smiled and told him that yes, they were both mine. They looked at me stunned. He started questioning the girls. When they didn’t respond to his questions, we played it up a bit:

Frat Boy: You aren’t with him are you?
Me (to The Madame): You may answer him.
The Madame: I belong to him.
Me (to The Madame as I kissed her cheek): Good girl.
Frat Boy: No way. What about you? You can’t be his too.
Me (to The Dragon Lady): Answer him love.
The Dragon Lady: I belong to him.
Me (to The Dragon Lady as I kissed her cheek): Good girl.
Me (to the Frat Boy): There, they’ve answered you. They are both mine. Are you satisfied?
Frat Boy and Friends: stunned silence as we walk on.

At this point we’ve run out of film. I’ll refer you back to the previous post where I detail what happens in the store. We leave the store and continue our wandering, playing and laughing with the rest of the freaks on Bourbon St. We passed another small group of people and were asked to pose for pictures. While a picture was being taken by me, one of the guys in the group asked me how I managed to get two such women. I just smiled and told him that I could lick my eyebrows. His jaw hit the floor. He wanted to know if they really belonged to me (this was a common theme) and what they’d do for me. I assured him that they were mine, and that they did what I said. I pointed to his cheek and snapped my fingers. The Dragon Lady came over and kissed his cheek. I just smiled.

Around 1am we were starting to get tired and hungry so we stopped in a small bar that served food. It was playing a wierd mix of zydeco and country music. We ordered appetizers and drinks, then the ladies went to the bathroom. When they came out, they found me sitting at the table with my mask up, rubbing the top half of my face, still hiding it with my hands. As they sat down I pulled the mask back down, watching their reactions as I still hadn’t shown them my full face. They started teasing me about it so when the food came, I was the perfect gentleman and took the mask off to eat. The girls smiled as I did and The Madame said that she was wondering if I was ever going to show them the rest.

We finished our food and I put the mask back on before going back out on the street. We started walking up towards the French Market and the fun continued. We stopped several times along the way for more pictures and to scare the straights. During one photo session, I was asked again if I was with both women and would I be willing to take on a third. All the flashing and teasing had caused a bi-femme from their group to get a little over excited and though a nice little four way would take care of her urges. The girls and I chuckled and applied pressure to her, tormenting her desires out on the street, telling her flat out what a foursome between us would be like. She was seriously flushed and her friends were flat out shocked. In the end I kissed her and told her that while it did sound like an enjoyable way to spend the rest of the evening, our vows wouldn’t allow us to invite another person into the group. She groaned as we walked off.

As time progressed as it is want to do, we started making our way towards their hotel on the other side of the French Market. As we passed the 711 Club, we ran into the Frat Boys again. Only this time they were considerably drunker than they were several hours before. The leader of the pack rushed up to me and started in my face about how it wasn’t fair that one man had two women like that and he was going to take them from me. I just chuckled and told him that they wouldn’t go with him no matter what he tried. He didn’t know how to respond, but kept yelling that I best ‘get them inside’ so he couldn’t take them from me. We walked on and he started following us yelling that he was going to have one of them. The Madame handed me the short whip she was carrying and I turned to face him. He saw me standing, whip in hand and all the agression left his body. He turned and walked back to his friends, yelling about how he didn’t want to embarass me in front of the ladies. Seriously now, who was he trying to kid?

I walked the ladies from the 711 Club down through the gay section of the Quarter, strolling along reliving some of the highlights of the evening. As we got closer to their hotel The Madame had to stop to take off her boots as they were killing her feet. The Dragon Lady carried the boots and I carried The Madame. It was a nice arrangement. We got coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde and continued the few blocks to their hotel. We talked as we walked, me still carrying The Madame on particularly scary looking sections of the street. We got to the front door of the hotel and the girls both thanked me for a wonderful evening. I smiled and told them that the pleasure was all mine and that I’d truly enjoyed myself. I kissed The Dragon Lady and turned to face The Madame. I leaned down to kiss her and she pulled me tight against her. After I kissed her she whispered ‘You told us you’d see us safely to our rooms. This is the street…’

The End.

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Here’s the next chapter. When last we left our intrepid hero, he had just been given his two angels for the evening by the Dark One. I’ll refer you all to the previous posting so that you may get reacquainted with the angels. In that post, I told you what they were wearing. In this one, I’ll describe my costume for the evening. Let’s continue with this tale.

The ladies approach where I’m standing, and I make room at the balcony to allow them to join me. The Madame stands right beside me and runs her finger along my mask. I just chuckle and hand her some of my beads. We start teasing people on the street below us, and before long have worked out a good partnership, helping each other get what we want from the people below. The Dragon Lady flitters back and forth between the two of us, working with us and keeping the bead stock flowing. We worked the crowd fairly well, getting men and women to flash us in exchange for beads. We’d pick a target and work them til they flashed us.

One of the more amusing encounters involved a woman who brought her kid with her. I mean really, who brings a ten year old kid to Bourbon St on Halloween? Anyway, The three of us decided that she was a prime target, how far would she be willing to go, considering that she had her kid with her. We started working on her, tempting her with many beads, but she kept pointing at her kid and shaking her head. The kid kept reaching up, begging for beads so we dropped a couple strands down for him as a show of good faith. The woman moved her son in front of her and stepped back a bit out of his view. I held out a couple more strands and waved them at her. She flashed us and got beads. The kid had no clue what happened but was happy with his new beads.

At one point, we noticed a group of guys walking down the street. They were all dressed as Chippendale’s dancers. They were wearing the standard black pants and bowtie, no shirts. The girls started screaming and drooling, trying to get their attention. They finally came down to stand under us on the street and the teasing began. They didn’t seem to want to play along but eventually we got two of them to flash as the girls giggled and drooled. They were fairly well built guys that could pull off the look, and the flashing proved it was true all over.

We eventually ran out of beads that we were willing to throw down and weren’t in the mood to really earn any more so we went inside to the dance floor. It was a decent club playing mostly top 40 and dance music so it was easy to dance to. After about 20mins of dancing the DJ announced a ‘who’s hot’ contest on the upstairs dance floor. I talked The Madame into getting up and dancing with the rest of the women that thought they were hot enough to compete. It was a basic popularity contest, with the crowd yelling in votes. I screamed my head off when it was The Madame’s turn. Who won? Simple, the woman who flashed the crowd when it was her turn. The Madame came down off the stage and I kissed her and told her that I thought she won, no matter what else happened. She laughed and told me that I was only saying that to get in her pants. We went back to the main dance floor for a while before heading out onto the street to cruise and look at the freaks.

But that’s another story segment.

Reposted: Meet The Madame and The Dragon Lady

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I promised you all a story. It’s time to tell that story. This is how I met these two women, and what happened. Parts of it will amuse you, parts you already know. How it ended will probably suprise you. All in all, it’s a good story. It’s a fun story. Above all, it’s a true story, every bit of it. It starts early in the evening. I went to dinner at Pascal’s Manale and returned to the hotel to finish getting ready to go out.

I hit Bourbon Street around 7:30, and it was already packed with people. The first hour or so, I spent just walking along, video taping the insanity. I did the full tour, all the way down to the French Market area and back. I made it back to Bourbon St in time for the start of yet another parade that I was able to catch on tape. When the parade ended, I started back up Bourbon, wandering in and out of the clubs. The 711 Club looked like the best option for balcony entertainment, so I went in, and up.

Purchasing the required beverage and stamp to get out onto the balcony ($3 for a coke and the stamp, ugh!) I made my way out onto the balcony. After a couple minutes of pushing and shoving, I finally made it up to the railing. I was able to see the crowd down on the street, and wave my beads around, tempting the young lovelies below. The game had begun.

I was happily teasing the people on the street when there was a bright light and parting of the people on the balcony. I heard a loud booming voice, and verily the Dark One did sayeth ‘Behold, these are your appointed angels for the evening.’ And it was so. And I did look upon my appointed angels and they were good.

Pushing her way to the balcony, was the Madame with Dragon Lady in tow. The Madame was dressed in a full leather overbust waspish corset (with steel ribs), real stockings with garter, knee high black leather boots, and carrying a small whip. She looked like she stepped out of a late 19th century high class brothel. The Dragon Lady was in near matching attire, only with an oriental twist. She was wearing black leather boots, a silk oriental print skirt, a red leather overbust corset, and long red gloves. She had the traditional red makeup on her face, long chinese nails and lacquered chopsticks in her hair. They made a very classy pair of prostitutes.

Oh hai!

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Oh yeah… I have a blog. Wonder if I should actually start posting here again.